Ayurmana Yoga Studio

Ayurmana Yoga Studio, the premiere fitness center for women in Kuwait for yoga classes and meditation. Featured extensively in print and electronic media and rated and applauded as the best health club for yoga in Kuwait, our courteous and highly qualified professional staff has served Kuwait women for over a decade now, with results worth boasting. Yoga and Ayurveda are part of an ancient tradition that preaches the means to tune in to yourself, to be in harmony with yourself and ultimately to be in sync with nature, which is inseparable from you. Shallow breathing is something that we all do. With yoga, you get to breathe better. It trains you to breathe in – slow and deep, which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, thus, helping in the proper functioning of each and every cell in the body. Yoga makes you more flexible by improving your range of movements. It also improves your body alignment with posture-training. Having a flexible body with correct posture helps you keep injuries and pains at bay. Apart from these, Ayurveda yoga gets you increased strength, ideal weight, better blood circulation, cardiovascular conditioning and, last but not the least, inner peace. Get in touch with a good Kerala Ayurvedic centre and begin your journey of self atonement today.

The Dharma Vision

To win the respect of our customers throughout the world by being a leader in delivering effective and defect free Ayurvedic healing therapies, treatments and products.

AyurMana, Kuwait

On April 24th 2002, we opened the services of Ayurmana – An exclusive Dharma Ayurveda Centre – to the women and men of kuwait. Since then we have been extensively featured and rated by print and electronic media alike as the premiere Ayurveda day spa in Kuwait and one of the finest in the entire middle east.

Customer Assurance

Our customers shall receive our time-tested, defect free Ayurvedic healing treatments and products, delivered to them with quality, care and servitude.
We invite you to Ayurmana, to explore and experience for yourself the profound healing and mystical allure of treatments that unravel the secrets of the most revered, timeless healing tradition known to man – Ayurveda.


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